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History of the House of Worship

In the year of our Lord Jesus Christ, 2001, God set forth the assignment for HIS new leader, Bishop Dr. Anthony Wright Sr., his wife Shirley Wright and his children Danielle, Anthony, and Aaron. Ironically, the Lord had help already living next door to the Wright's, Elder and Deacon Bynum. They prayed together and received godly counsel from the Bynum's. 

Funds were raised through a special 3 day services held at Faith Missionary Baptist Church, under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Michael C. Turner., to help facilitate ministry finances. 

In August of 2002, we became a legal 501(c)(3) non-profit congregation known as "By The Spirit Ministries" (BTSM) in the state of Maryland. We honor others who accepted their leadership roles in the beginning; Laverne Henry (children Vontrell and Tineaka), Lenora Wright, Richard and Angela Midder, Sol and Cecilia Tripp, brother Gregory Dennis, Elder and Deaconess Washington, Joan Henry and son Javon. 

Worship services began in August 2002 at the home (basement) of Bishop and Lady Wright. BTSM held fellowships, bible study and important services unto the Lord such as dedications, ordinations and consecrations for an entire year at their residence located in Upper Marlboro, MD.

In 2003, as membership continued to increase, the church relocated to Bishop Wright’s former elementary school known as, John Carroll Elementary School in Landover, Maryland. Worship services continued at the elementary school for the next 6 years until June of 2008. God continued to move by His Spirit on the hearts and minds of the people at BTSM. we were able to move to our current location at 3012 Kaverton Road, District Heights, Maryland. Bishop Dr. Wright continues the great commission of our Lord and Savior, baptizing members in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

BTSM has been honored to aire its services online (Facebook and Utube), WPGR radio and the world-wide web via World Power Global Television Network, with the help of WPGR CEO and founder Apostle Dr. Anthony T. Mays. God continues to shower HIS many blessings on this branch of Zion, spiritually, physically, financially, preaching and teaching. 

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